Royal Commission into the Protection and
Detention of Children in the Northern Territory

 Dylan Voller to give evidence to Royal Commission

Dylan Voller, a key witness to the Royal Commission into the Protection and Detention of Children in the Northern Territory, will tell his story about his experiences in youth detention.

On Monday, Mr Voller, 19, who is currently incarcerated, will be transferred from the Darwin Correctional Centre to the Darwin Supreme Court to give evidence in a closed session. The session will be streamed publicly via webcast.

The stream will be available.

Prior to the appearance of a vulnerable witness like Mr Voller, the Royal Commission seeks expert advice on the measures it should put in place to manage any risk to the witness’s safety and welfare from appearing before the Commission.

This includes an assessment by a psychiatrist, psychologist or counsellor as well as advice from legal representatives of the witness.

The Royal Commission then considers the particular circumstances of each witness on a case by case basis to determine the safest and most appropriate way for their evidence to be heard.

For Mr Voller’s evidence, the court room will be closed to all except the Commissioners, Counsel Assisting, Mr Voller’s legal representatives, support people nominated by Mr Voller and technical staff.

Following Mr Voller’s evidence, the Royal Commission will hear from Antoinette Carroll, a youth justice advocate who worked with Mr Voller for seven years. This will be a closed session but will also be streamed.

A redacted transcript of the evidence will be published.

Further information is available at the Royal Commission website.

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