Royal Commission into the Protection and
Detention of Children in the Northern Territory

 Community voices - issues

The Commission has spoken to community leaders, academics and advocates who have all shared their thoughts on current issues and challenges for children and young people in the Territory. Listen to what they have to say.

Donna Ah Chee
Donna Ah Chee, Central Australian Aboriginal Congress video link

Dr Elizabeth Lewis (Heyer)
Dr Elizabeth Lewis (Heyer), GP, Alice Springs, video link

Clement Ng
Clement Ng, Youth Justice Lawyer, Northern Territory Legal aid commission video link

Geoff Radford
Geoff Radford manager of support services, relationships australia video link

Jessica Watkinson
Jessica Watkinson, CEO YWCA Darwin video link

David Woodroffe
David Woodroffe, principal legal officer, northern australian aboriginal justice agency video link

Kevin Doolan
Kevin Doolan, manager red cross, Tiwi Islands video link

Delsey Tamiano
Delsey Tamiano, Youth engagement officer, Danila Dilba video link

Adam Drake
Adam Drake, Director, Balanced Choice program video link

Aboriginal Empowerment
Aboriginal Empowerment video link

Approaches to Child Protection
Approaches to Child Protection video link

The Pathway from Protection to Detention
The Pathway from Protection to Detention video link